The processes we implement and optimize:
Marketing automation Customer service automation Back office automation

We implement and optimize Marketing Automation processes.

We automate the key business processes oriented on revenue increase and improvement of the company's effectiveness.


We create automation based on data and customers' actions.

Data analysis and interpretation

Our experts analyze customers' actions and interpret analytical data, and, on this basis, create behavioral models.

Creation and implementation of scripts

The models are used to create automation tracks that represent the real actions and needs of customers.

Achieving the specified goals

The scripts have defined goals they should aim to accomplish as well as their verification processes. Every automation is optimized in A/B testing.

Costs and effects optimization

Due to the implemented automation, our associates optimize marketing costs and customer service while, at the same time, improving the effects.

Automation segments.

Marketing automation

We implement the automation of marketing activities oriented toward generating revenue or acquiring potential customers (Lead generation).

Customer service automation

We implement the processes of automatic customer service, such as chatbots, webflow or customer self-service centers.

Back office automation

By the use of non-code and low-code systems, we integrate a number of systems into consistent information exchange processes, e.g., marketing <-> sales.

Data automation

We integrate data from many sources and create joint dashboards. In this process, we use tools such as Data Studio and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The effects of our operations.

+ 0 %

E-mail marketing revenue increase

- 0 %

Shortening of CS response time

- 0 %

Reduction of marketing costs

+ 0 %

Increase in conversion

Our opinions.



We want to know your challenges.

The first step is conversation. During the free consultation, we want to get familiar with your current challenges, help you establish your needs and suggest possible solutions.


The automation, analytics and content experts watch over all processes.

Our team involves experts with experience in the fields of automation, business/strategy, analytics, content, among others. As a result, our approach to cooperation is complex, and we are able to map automation processes.


We will be a part of your team.

We work closely with our associates through frequent communication, working with the same tools and environments to manage tasks, and more. We deeply care about the quality of services, transparency and communication.

Free consultation

A free consultation is a 30-minute video conversation about the automation of processes in your company. During the meeting, we will cover your challenges, I will answer the questions about automation and tell you about the solutions I have.

We will set the date of such consultation together, during a phone call or via e-mail. I hope to work with you.

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