The process of establishing cooperation.

Free consultation

The first step is conversation. During the free consultation, we want to get familiar with your current challenges and determine your needs.

Strategic workshop

We conduct a strategic workshop for companies that wish to implement automation tools. It is necessary for mapping all the needs and creating the first scripts. The gathered information will help in choosing the right tool.

Tools and processes audit

We conduct an audit of the tool configurations and the implemented processes with the analytics in the companies that already have operating automation tools. This will help to set a plan of operations.


After the workshop or audit, we create a plan of activities and suggest a cooperation model. In our offer, we have prepared various models of settlement depending on the automation segment and your needs.

Models of cooperation.

Performance model

It's a basic model of cooperation in marketing automation operations. The model includes flat flee and the performance bonus depending on the revenue generated by marketing automation processes.

flee model

In the case of automation that does not generate revenue directly but is responsible for key indicators, flat flee is the primary model of settlement. The rate is dependent on the complexity of the project and processes.

Project-based model

A project-based model is dedicated to creating specific and extensive automation processes aimed at one goal. In this mode, we determine the scope of work and completion date together.

Consulting model

We conduct a great number of consulting and training activities for associates who have internal teams working on automation processes. In this model, we settle with hourly rates for the work of our experts.

Free consultation

A free consultation is a 30-minute video conversation about the automation of processes in your company. During the meeting, we will cover your challenges, I will answer the questions about automation and tell you about the solutions I have.

We will set the date of such consultation together, during a phone call or via e-mail. I hope to work with you.

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