Meet our team leaders.

Grzegorz Tukaj

Automation and analytics

Grzegorz manages a team of experienced experts in the fields of analytics and automation. He was the leader of projects for large corporations and eCommerce companies, where he effectively implemented automation and revenue-generating processes with the team.

Automation pro Agency CEO

Emil Zarzeczny

Strategy and business.

Emil mainly works on developing automation strategies for our clients. The experience from the perspective of a client, agency and marketing automation tools allows him to have a holistic approach to the client's business objectives and to search for solutions that will help in accomplishing them.

Magdalena marchewka

Technology and automation

Magdalena works on implementing automation strategies for our clients. An expert with experience in marketing and automation. She constantly broadens her knowledge of available tools, reaching their full potential to adjust the best solutions to the individual business needs of our clients.

Karol Dudka


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Free consultation

A free consultation is a 30-minute video conversation about the automation of processes in your company. During the meeting, we will cover your challenges, I will answer the questions about automation and tell you about the solutions I have.

We will set the date of such consultation together, during a phone call or via e-mail. I hope to work with you.

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